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Firerock Series Motors

Our downhole motors division strives to constantly to improve our product line and services, while delivering reliable downhole motor technology in a timely manner.  Unleash your bits performance.

We are capable of providing both mud lube and sealed downhole motors from 4 3/4" thru 9 5/8" combo tools.  We are continue to look for better solutions for the customers demand and drilling environment.  Meet with our operations and sales staff and lets find what best tool that suits your application.  Contact us about our S, S+, M, M+, F, and F+.

Firerock Drilling Services

Positive Diplacement Motors

Drilling Tools

We custom pair the performance bearing assembly that is best suited for your drilling environment.  We can provide multiple bit to bend tool configurations to meet your target build rates.  Keep you power section connected with our proven drive line.

Power Section

No corners are cut with our power driving your bit.  We partner with the best in the industry that are expert in elastomer technology.


With our wide variety of drilling tools we are able to modify and manufacture our fleet for unplanned drilling challenges.

Quality Management Systems


Quality Statement

We are fully committed to provide the best product to fit our customers performance needs.  We do this through performance tracking with our FireRock operating systems.  Post run analysis of best operating practices and lessons learned.  Full circle industry experienced In-Field, Operations, Repair & Maintenance, and Inspection.

Tool Tracking

Firerock incorporates FOS, Firerock Operating System, to maintain the quality standards and traceability of motor components.  We are able to provide life hours,  current MTBF, and component history.


Experience and Training

Our Repair and Maintenance team are comprised of experienced technicians that are specialized in positive displacement motors.  Our on going training will continue to grow our team through hands on development and qualification tracking.  We are committed to build the dependable and performance based motor to set your operation apart from the rest.

Calibration and Quality monitoring.

Annual calibration records are available on request, and through process quality assurance monitoring. Out going Quality checks.  This is to reduce failure escapes. Contact us for you in house tour.

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