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MWD Services

measurement while drilling / logging while drilling

Expert Guidance

Firerock MWD was formed out of equipment and personnel that has served the MWD market in multiple locations and capacities.  We’ve retained the best of the equipment to meet the demands of our customers and combined that with extensive knowledge of the MWD and Directional Drilling markets to form a company that offers the resources and knowledge to serve our clients in their drilling endeavors.

Improve and Collaborate

Firerock MWD has continued to upgrade our resources to provide the latest technology available.  Combined with extensive knowledge of the MWD services, we can integrate our capabilities with third-party provided modules to fulfill our customers’ requirements.

The Path to Success

Firerock MWD’s primary purpose is to support our Directional Drilling operations, but we also offer independent equipment rental and operations, technical support, and third-party R&M services.

Firerock MWD

Proven technology –

                Advanced technology updates for bandwidth and decoding options

        Shock and Vibration mitigation – through tool design improvements, owned modules, and 3rd party add-on modules

Extensive R&M records and tool data tracking records.  All of Firerocks’ modules support internal memory logging for post-run operations analysis.

Fit for purpose tool modules –

                Motor driven and solenoid pulsers

                High accuracy Q-Flex and MEMS sensor DM modules

                175° Celsius operating temperature

Retrievable and fixed mount capabilities

                High LCM capabilities: 40ppb for retrievable: 60ppb for non-retrievable.

Add-on LWD modules available to meet the Operator’s requirements

Services Offered –

MWD services for Directional and Horizontal drilling

                High-operating temperature: 175°C

                Dynamic synchronization

Drilling Dynamics – RPM, Stick-Slip, Shock, Vibration, Temperature, Continuous inclination, and Azimuth.

Six-axis surveying with third party analysis of downhole data

Built in diagnostics.

LWD Memory Logging with post-run log generation

MWD Accuracy / Environmental Specifications –

±0.05° to +/- 3.0° tool face programmable

±1.0° Azimuth (inclination >5°)

±0.1° Inclination

Operator programmable to any value crossover to HS Tool Face

Inclination and Azimuth repeatability to ±0.05°

Readout resolution for Inclination and Azimuth – 0.1°: for Tool Face: 1.0°

Vibration – 20g Grms, 30 to 1000 Hz

Shock – 1000g 0.5mSec-1/2Sin

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